The Zephyrians are a race of aliens from another dimension. They are often mistaken by humans as angels, due to their long noses, tall figure, glowing golden eyes, blue hair, and pale skin. They are said to be descendants of humans, and they breed through mitosis. They aim to protect the Earth from many alien life forms that may cause harm, such as the Meepers, so-called due to the fact that their only known form of communication is through strange meeping noises.

They are advanced enough to create "magic" by bending the laws of physics. They have high status in the Intergalactic Council, alongside Greys, Kilomidaeans, and many more. It is said that the humans enslaved the race, but that the Zephyrian's cunning skills got them out of death. They went to Mars to hide. They eventually fought off the Borglons, a race similar to humans, but similarly heghtenedd to a Zephyrian, nine meters tall in size. But they were stocky, bald, and hostile to Zephyrians. This is all that we know.

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