Venom Earth-616
Species: Symbiote
Home world: Unknown
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth, claws, tongue, amorphous size changing ability
Status: Dependent on continuity
Media information
Voiced by: Hank Azaria
Brian Drummond
Josh Keaton
Danny Trejo
Dee Bradley Baker
First appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #252
Last appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man and ongoing

Venom is a super villain in The Amazing Spider-Man comics by Marvel. Venom is an extraterrestrial symbiote in many of its incarnations, with the exception of the Ultimate Spider-Man television series, where Venom is created from Peter Parker's blood and while still a symbiote, is not alien.

Venom's first host was Peter Parker, who later rejected Venom. The symbiote then bonded with Peter's rival Eddie Brock and the two set out for revenge on Peter, who Eddie now knew was actually Spider-Man. Other known hosts of the Venom symbiote are Mac Gargon the Scorpion, Flash Thompson, who was known as Agent Venom, etc.

The cinematic incarnation of Venom who appears in Spider-Man 3 follows the storyline of the comics where it first bonds with Peter Park and later Eddie Brock, though this incarnation is widely criticized over the character's lack of screen time and the supposed mediocre performance of Brock's actor Topher Grace.


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