Aaron Johnson James a Cosmic Being from the Pleiades. Aaron James (also sometimes frequently referred as Master Alaje) is one of the Ascended masters that inspired the people of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles, California.

Alaje, pronounced "Alay-ye", is the real name of an Extraterrestrial known as Aaron Johnson James on Earth. Thousands of people claim to have contact with him. Aaron is a Commander of the fleet "Airborne Division of the Brotherhood of Light" his work is to raise the consciousness of humans and uplifting the Love vibrations of Planet Earth.

High Spiritual Being, Commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron "more than hundred space ships, multidimensional" Operates in 4th sector of the Milky Way Galaxy - Olega, Quadra.

He is regarded as the Master of the Second Ray. Aaron and Merku (as Joey on Earth) belong to a group of highly developed aliens known as The Great White Brotherhood.

Aaron is not the Ancient Master but he do credited with near god-like powers and Wisdom. Alaje, conscious incarnation of the Pleiades, is teaching his wisdom to everyone who wants to listen, His teachings in a nutshell could be described with the sentence "Love is the solution for everythig!"

The internet pages he created over time attracted more and more people seeking the truth, Alaje gets hundreds of posts from people all over the world every day. Since his YouTube channel contains numerous of comments and the view engine is unfriendly, people have difficulties to find interested questions and answeres. Its tiring searching information on that amount of comments in this YouTube channel.In order to save your and his time and hassle of asking and answering the same questions again the site waas born, with the main idea of listing a wide variety of questions and answers he received in the past.  

Alaje has been working since 13 years to promote peace, harmony, and spreading love all over the world with seminars,internet, and light work for free. Even though negative people are attacking him constantly, he still strives to help earth-humans to develop in consciousness in order to transform the earth society into a harmonious civilization where suffering does not exist, because love would be the highest value. We think he deserves help in any way and we support him with this page.Alaje is trying with his internet,post, lightwork journeys and meditation musics to help everybody to achieve personal experiences with higher realms of light in order to get wisdom and knowledge and achieve a life of health, abundance, peace and love.
As he has said many times in his internet pages, he is not interested in any religious organization, because a real  lightworker is free of any of these things. A real lightworker is in tune with the Existence (god), in tune with the Source, and in tune with universal love. Universal love is a fundamental force (god), that is beyond any earthly belief system.


Blue Pupil

Universal love moves through the heart, out of the wish to help others. There’re many ways to help others, - even with money-, because it is a form of energy too. Money is a form of energy that is neutral and depends on how you use it. With money you can create many positive things, if you use it with universal love energy. Giving money out of ego will not help you to reach your selfish goals, and you’ll Question and Answere miss the point.

If you meditate on the Existence just out of ego and selfishness, nothing will come back except ego energy. The Existence helps those who are giving unconditionally, out of love, in order to help everybody, in order to create a society of peace for everybody. As long as money exists on earth, we have to use it for spiritual purposes. If we use the energy money for spiritual purposes we can create eventually a society without money.Traveling to many places on earth to do lightwork, and financing professional prints for musics and Amazon fees costs money. If you wish to support Alaje’s cause you are free to support in the form of a donation energy. This will be used to fund light workand other lightwork projects that Alaje is working on to create positive energies.One of the projects that Alaje would like to achieve, is creating a autarkic permaculture wellness place on a nice land with good energy, where people can build self-sustaining own houses and grow own vegetarian food, in order to live more healthy.  





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  • Alaje from the Pleiades = P.S. Previous web page was closed, because there are many negative people who are attacking Alaje through the Internet. We are saddened for that situation. So this page is separated from the Alaje without any direct contact opportunities or information about him. The reason for web site restoration is let the people know the truth and helping them on spiritual development.
  • Music For Meditation = The etherical music from ALAJE the Pleiadian can help everybody who wishes to let go of negative behavior, negative programs and vices, and to awaken the universal cosmic Love in the Heart and communicate with the Cosmic Awareness (the Source), with Light Beings, or spiritual Humans from other planets, by using the Light and Love frequencies that are embedded in the sounds of his musics and Internet page This spiritual assistance has the only purpose to help everybody to live with Love, Happiness and Peace, in tune with the Existence.
Alaje Pleiades

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