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Reed Alien hoax

The Reed Case alien.

The Reed Case was a hoaxed alien encounter created by Dr. Jonathan Reed. The story has been popular across the UFO and alien research community, but was ultimately exposed as hoax.


Dr. Jonathan Reed claims that one day his dog went missing. He went out into the woods near his home to see if he could find the dog. When he went into the woods, he found a floating UFO shaped like a spike. He went back inside to get his video camera and started filming. Then he saw what he thought to be an alien grab his dog by both jaws, snapping them apart, and the dog turned to white ash (which was not recorded in the film because it never happened). Reed says that he took a rock and threw it at the alien's head, killing the alien. Reed says that he brought the Alien inside and tried to take a nap, but he could not so he decided to do an autopsy of alien and filmed the supposed footage.


  • This case was proven to be a hoax by the Fact or Faked team. Although, it is not entirely proven by Fact of Faked.

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