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The Greys
EFPE Greys
All three of The Greys.
Species Grey Aliens
Natural weapons Levitation powers
Status Alive
Media information
First appearance Escape from Planet Earth

For the actual Alien, see Grey Alien

The Greys were three Grey Aliens featured in the 2013 film Escape from Planet Earth.


Escape from Planet Earth

The Greys crashed at General Shanker's home when he was a child because they forgot to fuel their spaceship with gas and crashed on Shanker's father while he and Shanker were viewing their telescope. The Greys felt bad for killing Shanker's father and decided to work for Shanker in his plans to destroy Aliens as revenge for killing his father.

The Greys were seen when the star character, Gary Supernova, was captured and brought to Area 51 in an attempted to save his captured brother Scorch Supernova. The Greys attended the cafeteria in Area 51 while the other Aliens were having a food fight and later appeared near the end of the film when they saved Gary and Scorch from dying from falling from an aircraft while battling Shanker. The Greys used their levitation powers to save Gary and Scorch, as well as to throw food and join the food fight in the cafeteria. At the end of the film, they revealed that they could speak English and told Gary and Scorch that they were going to take Shanker while he was unconscious and that they would do things to him that would give Gary and Scorch "nightmares" (most likely probing).

The Greys also appeared in the finale of the film at a wedding where they started to cry and agreed to always stick together right before blowing their noses.

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