Taken Aliens
Three of the Aliens from Taken while preforming an abduction.
Species: Grey Alien
Media information
First appearance: Taken

This race of Aliens are a species of Grey Aliens that are featured in the television miniseries Taken.

Role in Taken

These Aliens are about the size of a child, but possess incredible psychic powers. They do not originate from our dimension and crashed in Roswell, New Mexico due to hitting a weather balloon. One of the Aliens, named John, evaded being captured by the US Government after the crash. Their "technology" is so advanced that it is essentially an extension of their minds and capable of being reformed at will. They can create utterly realistic hallucinations in humans which they often use to communicate with their abduction victims. They sometimes, however, get a little confused and re-use mental projections for one family member on another.

The Aliens are abducting humans to regain their emotions which they lost by crossing themselves with humans as part of their hybridization project. The Alien named John realized that he and the other Aliens lost their emotions after living on of the characters, named Sally Clarke, after crashing at Roswell before being picked up by another ship.

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