Home world: Unknown
Planet of the Symbiotes
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth, tongues, amorphous size changing and flexibility
Status: Dependent on continuity
Media information
First appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #252
Last appearance: Ultimate Spider-Man and ongoing

In the Marvel Comics continuities, a symbiote is an organic amorphous extraterrestrial life form with the ability to exist with a living host, in which they consume like a costume. Once bonded to a host, both the host and the symbiote can have influence over the body. The most well known of these symbiotes are Venom, Carnage, and Toxin. According to various resources, the original name of this symbiotic species was the Klytnar.[1] They originate from the The Amazing Spider-Man comics by Marvel.

Interestingly, there are some exceptions where the symbiotes are in fact terrestrial, such as the Ultimate Spider-Man television series, where Venom is created from Peter Parker's blood and while still a symbiote, is not alien.


The symbiotes are capable of reproduction, as exampled with Carnage (the spawn of Venom) and Toxin (the spawn of Carnage).


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