Super Hot Giant Alien
The Super Hot Giant Alien is the main antagonist of Dude Where's My Car?. She is a giant alien who wishes to destroy the universe. We first see her as a group of individual "hot chicks" in tight black clothes who promise the two main characters Jesse and Chester oral sex to find the Continuum Transfunctioner, an alien device they intend to use to destroy the universe. Later, they go to the other antagonists, Tommy and the Jocks to find it for them in return for "oral pleasure". Later, they meet Chester, Jesse, the jocks, the space nerds, and the two Nordic Men who are also after the transfunctioner. When Jesse and Chester discover that the Nordic men are the good aliens, the women merge into a giant that swallows Tommy alive. She chases Jesse and Chester outside, but is destroyed by the "Photon Excellerator Annihilation Beam". She is destroyed while Tommy lands on a table with her giant underpants.

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