Stalk Eyes
Stalk Eyes
Species: Unknown
Home world: Unknown
Weapons: Ray Gun
Status: Deceased
Media information
First appearance: Men in Black 3 (2012)

Stalk Eyes was a criminal alien of an unknown species who appeared in Men in Black 3.


Men in Black 3

After Agent J and Agent K interrogated Mr. Wu at his restaurant regarding reports of his customers suffering from intestinal extraterrestrial worms, Stalk Eyes appeared at a table (among other alien criminals in the restaurant) using a menu to cover his face.

When the two MIB agents realized that they were set up, Stalk Eyes was soon killed by Agent K.


  • In the bloopers reel featured on the Men in Black 3 DVD, there is a scene where Stalk Eyes appears among other alien criminals at Lunarmax Prison. It has been speculated that there was a deleted scene where Boris freed other alien criminals after his escape, including Stalk Eyes.
  • Despite only appearing on-screen for a few seconds, an action figure of Stalk Eyes was released in April 2012 as part of the Jakks Pacific Men in Black 3 lineup.
  • The screen-used head and hands of Stalk Eyes created by Rick Baker were featured on exhibit in New York City after filming had wrapped.

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