Xenomorph Spitter

Xenomorph Spitter

The Spitter is a Xenomorph that can spit acid from long distances, unlike the Boiler, the Boiler secretes acid(ic) blood that spreads like a grenade (explosion) causing the Boiler to die as well, the Spitter is also like other Xenomorphs; can climb walls/ceilings, uses claws to attack Marines. The Spitter is also 1 of the playable Xenomorphs in Aliens: Colonial Marines , here are the list of all the playable Xenomorphs: Spitter, Soldier (based on the Warrior in the films), Lurker, Crusher and Boiler, unfortunately the Queen is unplayable.

Appearance and attacks

The Spitter can spit acid from very long distances, though the stronger the force of the acid spit, the more inaccurate your aim will be, the Spitter has Cranial acidic pouches, It has 4 spikes (or tentacles) on its upper vertebrae and has a long tail.



Spitter (default)




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