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Signs Alien
Signs Alien
An Alien having it's left shoulder burned by water.
Species: Alien
Seemingly reptoid
Natural weapons/powers: Poisonious spikes
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Signs

This race of Aliens were a species of reptoid-like extraterrestrials featured in the 2002 film Signs.


They are generally humanoid in shape and are relatively muscular. They have greenish-brown skin that can be burned once it comes in contact with water which acts as an acid to the species, their skin can also change color. They have bold heads with nostrils that resemble that of a human skull's nose holes. Their eyes are a whitish color and piercing. They have teeth, as well as claws on their fingers. Their arms have poisonous spikes that sprout from their wrists.


As the name of the film implies, the first sign of the Aliens' presence was a small crop circle made on a farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Later on in the film, one of the Aliens was seen briefly on the roof of Graham Hess' house after he was talking to his daughter, Bo Hess, who claimed that she saw a "monster" outside of the house. Shortly after, Graham and his brother, Merrill Hess, chased the Alien that was outside on the roof, who they thought was a human that was responsible for making the crop circles. The next day after the incident, Graham and Merrill reported the encounter to the local police officer named Caroline Paski.

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