Roger Smith
Roger Smith
Species: Grey Alien
Status: Alive
Media information
Voiced by: Seth MacFarlane
First appearance: "Pilot"
"God, who do you have to probe around here to get a Chardonnay?"
―Roger Smith

Roger Smith, commonly referred to as just Roger, is a character from the adult TV show American Dad!. Roger is one of the Greys.

Roger has the overall look of a typical Grey Alien. He has the head of a general Alien and a body similar to that of E.T.. He has long arm fingers as well as toes and has a small-built upper body and a larger-built lower body. He talks in maledictions and swears, as a matter of fact, in some episodes, his swears are bleeped-out.


Roger's last name comes from the human family he now lives with named the Smiths. Roger first met Stan Smith when he saved Stan's life at Area 51. Hence Stan was forced to allow Roger to live with him. However, Roger is not allowed to leave the Smith's home without wearing one of his human disguises of which he keeps in his room. Nearly all of Roger's costumes are seen in one of the American Dad! episodes. Roger was also the only member of an ice hockey team to abuse steroids[1].

Roger used to work as a cashier in a Wal Mart-style store on his home planet, until he was tricked into going to Earth by the rest of his race. They told him that the fate of their world was in his hands and sent him to Earth, only for Roger to find that it was all a trick and that they were trying to get rid of him.


Roger is sadistic, a foul mouth, and a drunk. He always swears and acts careless of anything else but himself and his supply of wine. He calls other people bad names and thinks that he is the center of the universe.

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