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An artist's rendering of a reptoid.
Other names Reptilian
Country Varies
First report Unconfirmed
Last reported Unconfirmed
Status Active

A Reptoid, also referred to as a Reptilian, is a somewhat well known Alien thought to be a form of a cross between a human and a reptile.

Reptoids are not often ever reported as using advanced Alien technology such as UFOs or flying saucers. Reptoids are often reported as being seen as loners without any other of their kind present. It is still unknown if reptoids are even an Alien species or just the result of a mutation or science research in crossbreeding experimentation.


The body of a reptilian Alien is often described as resembling that of a body of a male human with greenish scaly skin. They are thought to have large often yellow eyes with reptilian eye pupils. They are thought not to have human noses, but more or less nostrils like that of a lizard or a snake.


Reptilian Aliens are not that well known. Among the most famous report of a reptilian is in Bishopville, South Carolina with their famous "Lizard Man" whom the team of the SyFy channel television series Destination Truth investigated in one episode. In the History Channel series known as Monsterquest, there was an episode titled Monster Close Encounters in which one segment of the episode involved an extremely damaged and beat-up car that was said to have taken several bites on the hood from the Lizard Man.