The Reconnaissance Troop Transporter (RTT) or Imperial Troop Transporter was an Imperial repulsorlift troop carrier model.


The RTT was an armored repulsorlift vehicle built with three open-air traveling racks on each side and usually mounted a twin light blaster cannon on top.[2] The traveling racks could spring open for rapid deployment of the troops carried, but also left the troopers exposed while traveling. In addition to the six troopers carried on the outside, the Troop Transporter had room for several individuals on the inside. At the back of the Transporter was a Prisoner Immobilization Unit used to detain and tame renegade droids.


In 0 ABY, the Empire used the Troop Transporter under the command of ISB agent Mar Barezz to capture Rebel Alliance recruits, although they escaped capture.

In addition to patrol work, the RTT also saw action with elite units participating in search-and-destroy missions. Such was the case during the search for the stolen Death Star plans, where search parties on Tatooine used at least one such vehicle to travel across the desert. These troops detained and questioned a band of Jawas suspected of having captured the droids carrying the plans, before killing them and destroying their sandcrawler with the Transporter's cannon.[2]

Several Transporters were later used by Orman Tagge on the same planet, during a test of his brother's latest invention, the Omega Frost.[3]

Sienar's Transporters would also participate in the Imperial Civil War around 10 ABY, when they shuttled troops around the battlefields on Coruscant.


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