Probe Artwork

Artwork of an alien probing a human being.

During the process of an abduction, aliens are thought to use tools known as probes, which are thought to be very graphic when being used to examine a human specimen. This may even resemble a form of sexual assault or even rape. In the case of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, Betty Hill claims that the alien "leader" put a probe in her nose shortly before her and her husband, Barney Hill, were taken on board the aliens' ship.[1]

Probes can resemble the form of needles, scalpels, and other forms of medical work used by human doctors. Aliens are known to use probes for purposes such as, examining eyes, noses, mouths, and most organic parts of the human body. Some say that when humans are on board an alien ship, probes might be used as part of the purpose of causing humans to spawn alien-human hybrids.


  1. The Alien Files: UFOs Under Investigation

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