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Weapons: Lasers
Natural weapons/powers: Claws
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Predator
Last appearance: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

A Predator (Also known as the Yautja[1]) are a race of Aliens that are said to have shown humans how to build back in ancient times and are the enemies of the Xenomorphs.


The Predators often wear armor to protect themselves and weapons such as ray gun-like lasers atop their shoulders. They have tusks on their faces used for eating, although the concept of a Predator eating has never been seen. They have black hair on the back and atop eyes area of their heads, short black claws, and also wear foot armor that resembles sandals.

Aliens vs. Predator

In the film Aliens vs. Predator the Predator species is responsible for creating the Predator Temple in Antarctica and for bringing the Xenomorphs to war with Earth, as they used them to fight to prove to the elder Predators that they where worthy to scar themselves with a mark that symbolizes the ultimate fighter.


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