Cool planet


Nehru is the fictional homeworld of the indifferent Extraterrestrial beings called Stymads (sometimes called Nehruvians).

Over 10,000 years ago, The eccentric, lechurous, and misogynistic emporer formed Nehru with his slaves and advisors. Everyone on Nehru was trained to be pessimistic about everything. Soon, Emporer grew old and started to die, but lucky for Stymads, when they become old, they moult into a new skin every 1,000 years.  Nehruvian Calenders are very different and far more complex and advanced. the Nehruvians grew tired of being bossed around, because of Meego, who is the only peaceful Stymad in the entire Nehruvian colony.

Meego embarks onward to earth to find a better lifestyle.

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