Other names Zombie
Country England
First report June 13, 1965
Last reported Unknown
Status Unknown

Once related to the Reptoids species.

They are not, However, Reptilians.

They come from constellation Serpens.Star Alya.

First visit to Earth was only in June 13, 1965.

They do not represent any threat to Humans.

Often seen around Antartica.

The reason for their visits is unknown.

Last Sighting Antarctica may 1 1907

Location  or Home System: They come from Constellation Serpens, Star Alya.

Transportation Type: Most ships seen over South Pole belong to them

Summary/Description: This race distance “cousins” of the reptoid species, but are not reptilians.

Visited Earth for the first time in June -13–1965. Despite the appearance they are not considered threatening to humans.

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