Gizmo, a better well known Mogwai.
Home world: Unknown
Natural weapons/powers: Teeth
Status: Alive
Media information
Voiced by: Howie Mandell
Various voices
First appearance: Gremlins
Last appearance: Gremlins 2: The New Batch

The Mogwai are a race of furby-like Alien creatures and characters from the Gremlins franchise. In both films, they were not mentioned as being Alien, but in the novelization of Gremlins, they were mentioned as being Aliens from another planet.[1][2]



The first of these creatures appeared in the original 1984 film Gremlins when the character Billy Peltzer accidentally dropped a glass of water onto his Mogwai Gizmo which caused him to spawn five new Mogwai, including the film's main antagonist, Stripe. Stripe, along with the other Mogwai, hatched a plan to trick Billy into feeding him and the other Mogwai after midnight by unplugging his alarm clock, of which Billy was convinced and fed them chicken. This resulted in the Mogwai forming cocoons and later hatching as gremlins.


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