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Metepec Alien

The Metepec Alien AKA the Creature of Metepec.

The Metepec Alien, also commonly referred to as the Creature of Metepec, was an alleged extraterrestrial being found by a farmer in Metepec, Mexico in a trap. The farmer claimed that the creature was still alive and aggressive when he found it. The UFO Journalist named Jaime Maussan bought the dead body of the creature from the farmer because he thought that it was an alien. However, Taxidermist Urso Moreno Ruiz confessed to having fabricated the creature by making it from a Buffy-tufted marmoset.


The Metepec Alien is about the size of a small dog or cat. It is completely hairless and has two large bug eyes like that of well known grey aliens and has a small mouth which is barely noticeable from the picture. It has very skinny limbs that appear as if they are deprived of food and the skin on it's rib cage is a blackish color, while the area around it's head is more pinkish color which may be it's brain. It has a bony tail which may support the theory that the creature was made from a marmoset or a marmoset that had mange.

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