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Animated rendering of a Man in Black.

The Men in Black (or the MIB for short) are mysterious individuals dressed in black clothing that often appear after a well known UFO crash or any other Alien activity. Some say that they have had Men in Black interview them and tell not to tell anyone else about what they have seen after seeing a UFO.[1]

The US Government claims that they are not affiliated with these Men in Black if they are even real, and if not affiliated with the US Government, than who? Some say that the Men in Black are an organization all their own or are working for a government outside of this country. Men in Black are often associated with places such as Area 51.


The Men in Black are a secret government organization that monitors Extraterrestrial life on the planet Earth. The Men in Black first appeared in the film Men in Black, returned in the film Men in Black II, and last appeared in the 2012 film Men in Black III (which was sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts). The Men in Black have a theme song which is used in each Men in Black film.

The Men in Black use very advanced electronics such as memory erasers. The Men in Black use vehicles that appear like normal black cars, however they are able to fly by using rocket motors.


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