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Species Xenomorph
Home world LV-426
Natural weapons Acid blood
Inner jaws
Status Deceased
Media information
First appearance Alien

A Lurker is a member of the Xenomorph species. The Lurker species is slightly different from the rest of the Xenomorphs and the only known Lurker is The Alien that appeared in the original 1979 film Alien.

The name "Lurker" was given to the species in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines. It has also been known that the Lurker species is the immature version of a Xenomorph Warrior and that the reason for the original Xenomorph from Alien being a Lurker was because the Warriors in Aliens were alive longer than The Alien was.


The Lurker species is different from most other Xenomorphs. The tops of their heads have transparent shells which allow their skulls to be seen. This allows their nostril holes, eye holes and black patterns on their skulls to be seen. Their skin is more grey colored than black and they display more human-like features, such as posture, hands, and feet.

The Lurkers' torso, tail, and legs have the same features as the Xenomorph Warriors in the second film and are more human-like than that of the Xenomorphs that appeared in the fourth film and the Aliens vs. Predator series known as Drones.



Main article: The Alien (Xenomorph)
Closeup The Alien

The Alien's first appearance as an adult in Alien.

A lone Lurker dubbed The Alien bursted from the Nostromo crews' member, Kane, as a Chestburster and escape. The Alien later molted it's skin and killed one of the crew members that was searching for Ellen Ripley's runaway cat. One of the crew members later searched for The Alien and was supposedly killed by the creature by surprise. The Alien killed nearly all of the Nostromo's crew until Ripley activated the ship's self destruct function and escaped in one of the ship's craft.

The Alien attacked her by surprise and apparently sneaked on board the escape pod. Ripley hid in the spacesuit room and dawned a suit. Ripley then activated a smoke where The Alien was resting and the creature tried to attack her shortly before Ripley activated the airlock which shot The Alien out into space. The Alien remained on the outside of the escape pod until Ripley activated the craft's motors which shot The Alien into the void of space, to it's death.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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