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Cottingley Fairies

Small spices growing only up to 70 centimeters(2').

They come from the "sixth star" in constellation Coma Berenices.

They have 3 home-planets(maybe 4) and have colonized at least 10.

They were one the first races to visit Earth.

They were the race that started the "stories" about Fairies.

2 alien races claim that they have abducted over 10 million Humans throughout History(that number is highly disputed by 2 other races...they state that the number is highly lower...and 1 race even made a statement to Russian President saying that the race Lang has never abducted any Human).

Last sighting: New Zealand,in 2006... a group of 20 members.

System constellation of origin:

- Location 6th star in the constellation Hau Phat (Coma Berenices).

- There are about 3-4 home planet and the planet about 10 colonies.

Physical characteristics: the tiny species with a height of about 70cm (2 ')


- Expected to Race extraterrestrials visited Earth first.

- To be prompted to start the mythical legend of the fairies (Fairies).

- 2 different extraterrestrial races have confirmed that this race was kidnapped LANG than 10 million people throughout history length. (The number '2 race by making it not really accurate (the actual figure below), and 1 other races have regular contact with the Russian government asserted that race LANG not abducted anybody).


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