Kirby is an alien character from Chicken Little.

He appears in an alien crib, flosting while he's sleeping but his eyes, arms and legs weren't visible, but when he wakes up, his eye sticks out frighetened Chicken little and his friends, but after Chicken Little escapes from The Spaceship, Kirby makes his decisions by following them, at the city, Runt screamed while he thinks he was attacked by kirby holding on his head, so Chicken Little and his others help look for his family, While during The War of The World, Kirby founds his family inside of a spaceship.

In another appearance, His Father, Melvin wasn't understanding when he thought Chicken and his Father, Buck Cluck had violate the intergalactic a law 90210, so he was about to kill them with all his powerful strong machine weapons, but Kirby convinces everything to his Father, and with his Mother too. They finally let them go and it was misunderstanding, so things begin to be much better again and Kirby and his family leave from earth.


  • Kirby is named after a popular video game character named Kirby.

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