Correct spelling: Claumedaean A highly advanced alien race from Claumedaeos, a planet in a far away solar system near the Zephyrian system. A Claumedaean travelled to Earth to scout, alongside a Zephyrian scout and a variety of other species. They resemble humans to a large extent, but have six fingers, are somewhat taller, usually purple-eyed, and have an electric current running through their body. They had very advanced technology and were said to have the technology needed for time travel. Their planet was destroyed by an unknown accident. Its position in universal politics is now filled by Akablooblia.

Akablooblia is a planet where gravity is high, so high that the people there are very short. They have blue skin sometimes, but are much like humans otherwise.

Somebody is planning on using them in a sci-fi series, but I assure you of their existence.

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