This article seems to pertain to an alien that has been created by a user of the Alien Wiki or another third-party resource, and therefor the information is questionable in regards to its accuracy and authenticity.

The Jasoniana are a race of human-like aliens. They are short, blonde, and highly advanced in technology. Three came to Earth with the Zephyrian and Kilomidaean scouts. They are at war with the Butchers, a race of aliens on a mission to kill all the cows out there. The Jasonians worship cows.

They live in a system of planets near the Zephyrian one, known as the Fishpire. The Jasonians signed a treaty to ally with the Zephyrians, and they are now two species with magic and technology to aid them in battle and everyday tasks.

One of their leaders is a man named Fishguy Bob. He is part-fish, part-Jasonian. He outlawed romance, so it is unknown how they reproduce. Maybe a chore... I don't know, honestly.

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