This article seems to pertain to an alien that has been created by a user of the Alien Wiki or another third-party resource, and therefor the information is questionable in regards to its accuracy and authenticity.

Pronounced huh-toe.

H'tho is a large, antlike being from an unknown planet and of an unknown species. He worked alongside a cult of renegade Zephyrians heading to Earth to kill the Zephyrian scout sent there to study and defend it. Fuf the Destroyer and H'tho were good friends. H'tho hid under a small school in Wisconsin until he was destroyed by the Zephyrian in 2012.

His destruction slowed the process of Earth's destruction, coupled with the subsequent demise of the cult. Their plan failed, but Fuf may be back one day, and maybe, just maybe, he'll bring an old friend with him. But that's only maybe. I hope.

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