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Species Xenomorph
Natural weapons Teeth
Acid blood
Inner jaws
Status Deceased
Media information
First appearance Aliens vs. Predator

Grid is a Xenomorph Drone who appeared in the film Aliens vs. Predator.

Grid was netted by a Predator earlier in the film when it used its acid blood to melt the net. Hence freeing it, however it was permanently marked with net markings on its head where he used its blood to melt through it.


Grid was one of the Xenomorphs born during the Weyland mission to the Predator Temple in Aliens vs. Predator. It was responsible for killing most of the Predators who headed to the temple to stop the Weyland group from discovering it. The net marks on Grid's head are one of his most distinctive features.

Grid was also to blame for freeing the Xenomorph Queen in the temple.


  • There is a rumor that Grid was the general of the Xenomorphs until their Queen was released.

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