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Rendering of a grey alien.
Other names Zeta Reticulans
Country Varies
First report Unconfirmed
Last reported Unconfirmed
Status Active

A grey alien, also referred to as simply a grey and a Roswell Grey[1], is the most common alleged species of alien reported in various accounts of alleged alien abductions and encounters. Grey aliens are typically described as having large heads, large black eyes, small nostrils and mouths, slender bodies, and grey skin.

Many people in the UFO and alien research community have speculated that grey aliens are the species that allegedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and that the United States Federal Government is holding the bodies of grey aliens in the infamous military base known as Area 51.


Grey aliens are often described by eyewitnesses as slender with large heads and black eyes. They have small mouths as well as noses, or more or less nostrils like that of a lizard or a snake. Their bodies are tall and skinny as well as their fingers which are usually described as having larger tips on the fingers and usually only four. Their muscles appear very weak, as being in space for so long can deprive greys of oxygen which causes them to lose muscles as well as change the color of their skin. If grey aliens once appeared just like humans as some theories say, their skin is most likely grey because it is deprived of oxygen.

Most sightings of grey aliens to not usually describe the Greys as wearing any clothing. However, in the case of Travis Walton, the grey aliens that abducted him wore skinny, black, jumpsuit-like suits and as well were described the way that most eyewitnesses describe grey aliens.

Similarities with humans

Grey aliens are generally described as being suspiciously similar to humans in basic form. Their bodies are described as having a humanoid shape, including two arms and legs. Greys have similar facial features to humans which include eyes, noses, and mouths. Only grey aliens are often described as having no notable irises or pupils, have more or less nostrils like a reptile, and generally are described as having small mouths.

Grey Alien Fetus

Pencil sketch rendering of a grey alien containing a human fetus.

Despite some of the grey aliens' similarities with humans, they do have several features, other than their facial features, that are different from humans and appear almost as if they are not natural. Such as being described as having no noticeable sex organs like humans. The grey aliens' unnatural features in their appearance may be to blame on living in outer space like some alien theorists say. The lack of natural oxygen could cause their limbs' slender and somewhat skeletal appearance. The lack of natural oxygen could also be the cause of their grey colored skin. Living in space without natural sunlight could cause them to lose their irises and pupils, resulting in completely black eyes. Living in space could also be the cause of the greys having no hair at all.

The theory of grey aliens living in space with no natural sources of life may come from the theory of aliens once living on a life-inhabiting planet which could have dried out or been poisoned. The aliens may have found the planet Earth and left some of their offspring or fetuses to test to see if the air on Earth is breathable to them. The aliens could have evolved into primitive cavemen and later modern day humans. This means that we ourselves may actually be aliens, that may be why Greys and humans are allegedly so similar.[2] While the aliens left on Earth evolved into a healthy species, the greys evolved into unhealthy-appearing, somewhat mutated, lifeforms.



Grey aliens are thought to have influenced primitive mankind to build civilizations such as the pyramids. It is rumored that they once arrived on the planet Earth thousands of years ago and as they taught primitive humans how to build, they were worshiped by the humans as gods. Having seen ancient cave paintings that depict individuals with unnaturally large heads and slender bodies made by primitive man supports the theory that the greys have been on Earth before. There have also been ancient paintings that depict small objects hovering in the sky in the background. These could possibly be some of the first known UFOs which are said to be the main use of transportation for grey aliens. Some believe that the greys left behind thirteen Crystal Skulls on Earth before they departed.

Present day

In the present day, UFO researchers and ufologists study the possibility that grey aliens could have visited Earth before, just as some ancient works of primitive man suggest. Grey aliens are popular in works of science fiction and theatrical films. Greys have been depicted in theatrical films based on actual alleged events, such as the Travis Walton abduction and Betty and Barney Hill abduction, with the most commonly reported alien from an eyewitness or victim of an abduction being a grey.

Grey aliens are often associated with locations such as Area 51, Nevada, and Arizona because of the famous Phoenix Lights incident, as well as other warm and desert-like locations across the United States. It has been speculated that the grey aliens prefer these warmer climates because of the flat desert surfaces, which are good for testing and landing their spacecraft.

Grey aliens have become very popular over the years, especially since the rumored UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Their popularity has inspired other grey aliens in forms of merchandise, appearances in theatrical films, television programs, etc. Most of the grey aliens' popularity relies within theatrical films based on actual claimed encounters with greys, such as the 1993 film Fire in the Sky, which was based on the famous abduction of Travis Walton. The 2007 horror film Night Skies was based on the Phoenix Lights incident and featured grey aliens. Among the most famous of these films is Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which is regarded as one of the most famous and most successful films depicting grey aliens.

Roswell Museum Greys

Several grey alien props on display in the Roswell Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.

The famous alleged Roswell UFO crash increased the popularity of grey aliens in the 1940s, and has even inspired a UFO museum to be opened in Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell crash has also inspired other science fiction films, such as the popular television series The X-Files, which focused on the grey aliens' early return to Earth because of the Roswell crash.

Encounters and abductions

Main article: Travis Walton abduction

There are many people who report alleged encounters with grey aliens. Most encounters with grey aliens are said to involve abductions or an encounter with a grey face-to-face.

Among one of the most famous abductions involving grey aliens was the abduction of Travis Walton, who claims that he and his friends were driving home in a truck one night and saw a bright light coming from the forest. Walton and his friend stopped their truck and Walton got out of the vehicle to investigate the strange light. Walton then noticed the the light was possibly a UFO. A large beam of light shot from the vehicle and onto Walton, which caused him to pass out. Walton's friends watched in horror, as they were worried that the beam of light might have killed him. Travis' friends soon drove away and left him.

Travis Walton Aliens

Rendering of the greys that Walton claims abducted him.

Walton claims that he awoke from the light and thought that he was in a hospital, until he noticed that the beings standing above him were not human and that he was not in a hospital. Walton noticed that the "creatures" could be, and were most likely, grey aliens. The creatures began to examine Walton shortly before putting a mask over his head.

Travis Walton later woke up in the forest where he had been abducted, only he was wearing his clothes on backwards. This was an obvious sign that his clothing had been removed during his encounter with the creatures. Walton thought that he had been missing for only five hours. However, Walton later learned that he was missing for five whole days. Walton later reported his abduction and drew an illustration of what the creatures that abducted him looked like. His drawing showed an average depiction of a grey alien wearing a jumpsuit-like uniform.[3]

Conspiracy theories

Main article: Alien Theories

Some believe that the grey aliens are nothing more than a figment of one's imagination, just like with any alien. Others believe that the US Government has an agreement with the aliens and that the aliens have asked the Government to keep their existence a secret by hiding their spacecraft and dead (and/or alive) bodies at secret locations such as Area 51. The Greys may believe that the human race is not yet ready for their advanced technology and want to wait to reveal themselves when the human race is prepared for their advanced civilization.

Countries, such as Russia, have created fabricated UFO sightings and alien bodies in attempts to throw the United States into panic. Because of the Russians' long history of rivalry with the United States, it would make perfect sense for them to create fabricated alien-related activity to compete with the US. However, there is no evidence that the grey aliens have ever been responsible for any Russian bombings and attacks on other countries including the United States. Even though the countries such as Germany and Russia are notable suspects for these fabrications, extraterrestrial enthusiasts believe that it may actually be the U.S. Government and the Central Intelligence Agency creating these false alien activity sprees. Although, it is unknown why or how.


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