Fuf the Destroyer was a large, silver, dragon-like monster from the long-forgotten Zephyrian mining world of Astronar-6. It came to Earth with an army of renegade Zephyrians. It had scales so hard that to blast a laser on it was like trying to take down a battleship with a little finger from an infant.

It could breathe fire. Fuf's followers were reptilians with grey scales. They could spit sparks of flame, so it is believed that they are mutated visitors to the planet. One such example of a Fuf follower was one seen outsode of a small elementary school in Wisconsin, USA. She wore robes and carried a blaster, but was easily shot down by a Zephyrian soldier.

Fuf was last seen when the ship he was on blew up. It is unknown whether or not he perished in the blast, but everybody at the Intergalactic Council hopes so.

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