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Frank the Pug
Frank MIB
Species Remoolian
Home world Unknown
Natural weapons Teeth, claws
Status Alive
Media information
Voiced by Tim Blaney (films)
Eddie Barth (animated series)
First appearance Men in Black (1997)
Last appearance Men in Black 3 (2012) (visual references only)

Frank the Pug is a character from the Men in Black film series. Frank is a Remoolian in the physical disguise of an Earth pug. Frank appears with a minor role in Men in Black and later has a larger role as a recurring character in Men in Black II. Frank is completely absent as a character in Men in Black 3, although two visual references to him appear. Frank also appeared in Men in Black: The Animated Series, where it was revealed that his true form heavily resembles a pug, albeit with greenish-white skin and several prongs on his head.

Frank was voiced by Tim Blaney and was portrayed by a pug named Mushu in the first two films. Frank was absent from Men in Black 3 because Mushu had passed away by the time filming began.


At some point in time, Frank came to Earth and went under the physical disguise of a common pug. His motivation(s) for leaving his home planet are unknown.

Men in Black

After an unsuccessful attempt to stop Edgar the Bug from getting away, Agent K and Agent J go to Frank for information about "the Galaxy on Orion's Belt". When K confronts Frank, the pug is reluctant to speak. This is until K begins violently shaking Frank up and down in attempt to get information out of him. Frank reluctantly agrees and reveals that the Galaxy is on Earth, and is merely the size of a marble. Frank then leaves to be walked before his flight away from Earth, and begins barking at a cat. It is at this point that J realizes that "Orion's belt" is actually the collar of the cat who belonged to Rosenberg.

Men in Black II

Since the events of the first film, Frank was hired to work in the mail room at Men in Black headquarters.

Men in Black 3

Although Frank is absent from the film as a character, a portrait of a pug face (more than likely Frank) can be seen in Agent J's apartment. When Agent J travels back in time to 1969 to stop Boris the Animal from killing Agent K, a billboard can be seen with an advertisement for "The Incredible Speaking Pug" when J is pulled over by two police officers.


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