Species: Furon
Home world: Furon
Weapons: Varies
Status: Alive
Media information
Voiced by: J. Grant Albrecht

Sean Donnellan (Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed)

First appearance: Destroy All Humans!
Last appearance: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

Cryptosporidium, also known simply as Crypto, is the main protagonist in the Destroy All Humans! video game series and a member of the Furon Alien species. Crypto has many clones and speaks in a slow and emotionless Texan accent.


Crypto is one of the most destructive of all of the Furons and is known for his hatred for humans in the first game which makes him an effective member of the Furon Empire. However, he seems to lose some of his hatred as the games progress, most likely due to spending time on Earth around the human race. He also enjoys humiliating members of the human race and is known to do an alcoholic, a smoker, and a gambler. Crypto shows a mild perverted side when he's about to probe Miss Rockwell, but says perversion is exaggerated in later games[1].

Crypto is very rude around others and is inclined to killing those whom he just does not like unless ordered against such urges due to mission requirements. He will sometimes talk in rude wisecracks. Although, despite his rude side, Crypto does care about his allies and his best friends with Pox. Although, he does not like to admit it and sometimes pushes his buttons.

Crypto uses mental powers against his enemies, as well as anal probing. He also uses other Furon weapons such as the Zap-O-Matic, the Anal Probe, the Disintegrator, the Ion Detonator, and many others in different games. Another strategy that Crypto has is that whenever he dies, he is cloned with all of his memories, making him virtually immortal[2].


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