A Boiler as seen in Aliens: Colonial Marines.
Species: Xenomorph
Home world: LV-426
Natural weapons/powers: Explodes acid blood
Status: Deceased
Media information
First appearance: Aliens: Colonial Marines

A Boiler is a species of Xenomorph encounter by the marines in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.


The Boilers are used as suicide bombers because of their ability to explode at will, showering surrounding marines with acidic blood. They are similar to a Xenomorph Spitter because they have highly acidic compounds in their blood. Smoke steams from the Boilers' spine-like tubes. They are possibly the last stage of a Xenomorph's life cycle, as they do not seem to be against there own suicide. The Boilers have pouches of their acidic blood growing on the sides of their heads and bodies. The Boiler species' blisters containing their blood growing on their heads may be because the Xenomorph species is still evolving and the species; blood may be becoming more acidic as they evolve.

Despite the Boiler species' strengths, they do have several weaknesses. Their armor is not as strong as other Xenomorphs and this causes them to detonate if they are shot by marines. They also cannot climb walls or sprint. They are also slower than average Xenomorphs[1].


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