Alien Abduction Silhouette
The alien silhouette
Home world: Unknown
Status: Alive
Media information
First appearance: Alien Abduction

The aliens are the main antagonists of the 2014 film Alien Abduction. The aliens were responsible for the recurrence of the Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina and strongly resemble the alleged grey aliens.


Alien Abduction

The film is presented in found-footage format. On the last day of a family camping trip in Brown Mountain, North Carolina, an autistic young man keeping a video journal named Riley Morris sees strange lights outside of his tent. Riley wakes his brother and sister Corey and Jillian and they decide to investigate. Whilst investigating, Corey and Jillian spot three star-like objects in the sky which maneuver abruptly and then vanish.

The next morning, as Riley and his family drive down the mountain to the highway, Riley's father Peter becomes sidetracked when their GPS misdirects them to an isolated route. Riley's mother Katie becomes even more appalled when they lose their cellphone signals and the family panics when Peter announces that their car is running low on gas. The family reaches a tunnel believing that it will lead them to the highway. However, the tunnel is blocked by recently abandoned vehicles. Riley is troubled when he sees personal belongings scattered around some of the cars as it appears that the missing occupants were forcefully removed from their vehicles. Peter then sees a silhouette at the end of the tunnel and calls out to it. After realizing that the silhouette is actually an alien, Peter tells Corey to escape with Riley while he attempts to create a diversion. Peter is then abducted by the aliens.

When the rest of the family escapes to a cabin that they passed earlier inhabited by a recluse named Sean, an alien follows them to the cabin and attacks Sean's guard dog. Sean and the family barricade themselves in the cabin and Sean explains the centuries-old recurrence of the Brown Mountain Lights. The aliens eventually breach the cabin and abduct Katie, Corey, and Sean, while Riley and Jillian take refuge in the woods for the night. At dawn, Riley and Jillian climb down the mountain and see a valley with a town that they think will lead them back to civilization, however it leads them back to the tunnel where they encountered the aliens. Riley and Jillian are eventually confronted by a policeman, who is abducted by the aliens.

The closing footage shows a rising into orbit, a dim, out-of-focus corridor with machinery sounds and screams, an opening disposal chute, and the camera falling back to Earth where it is recovered by the U.S. Air Force. Peter is found under a bridge one year later.

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