Ever since famous incidents involving alien life, such as the crash in Roswell, New Mexico, much collectible merchandise based on aliens has been manufactured for years. Among the most well known alien merchandise is Halloween masks and costumes. Most alien merchandise is sold online at websites such as Amazon or eBay. A small inn located in Area 51 named The Little A'le'inn has a gift shop loaded with alien-based merchandise including household merchandise such as coffee mugs.

Alien Prop

A latex stiffed alien prop.

Other forms of alien based merchandise include collectibles such as stuffed props and statues. Props such as the one pictured to the right are very expensive and can sell for up to $310.00 on sites such as eBay. Props such as these are often used as Halloween decorations that are added to a scary scene for trick-or-treaters or simply just used for common everyday alien and UFO related themes. One of the other alien related decorations similar to that of the common Halloween props is the alien wall plaque manufactured by Design Toscano which features an alien head with two hands, making the alien appear to be coming through the wall.

Some of the most famous forms of prop-like alien decorations are based on the well known grey aliens, while other forms of decor such as inflatable balloons are based mainly on the green aliens dubbed "little green men". Other merchandise based on green aliens are water bottles that are sold at the water park Liquid Planet whom also sells small rubber aliens.

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