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Zeta Reticulan

A artist's rendering of a grey-like Zeta Reticulan.

A Zeta Reticulan is an Alien from the star system known as Zeta Reticuli. The only known Zeta Reticulans were reported by Betty and Barney Hill when they were allegedly abducted by the Zeta Reticulans in a UFO.

There is not much known of these particular Aliens. The only evidence of the Zeta Reticulans coming from the star system Zeta Reticuli is Betty Hill who claims that while she was being examined by one of the Aliens during her abduction, she asked the Alien what planet it and the others that were on board the UFO were from. Betty claims that the Alien showed her a star map of the Zeta Reticuli star system which was not discovered until after the Hills' alleged abduction. Betty revealed this information of her and her now deceased husband's abduction while under hypnoses and drew a picture of the star map of Zeta Reticuli.

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